“Stop, Collaborate, and Listen”

“Ice is back with a brand new invention”

That is right, the mediocre Vanilla Ice, from the 90′giphys, has a brand new invention.
Yet somehow, I have spent my week procrastinating about the possible avenues I could explore through my digital artefact, while bingeing two entire seasons of ‘Serial‘ – which I would highly reccomend. A combination of these two things generally left me in a state which can only be represented through gif.
However, following some inspiration from the one and only Vanilla Ice, as well as completing my first tutorial with Travis, I have managed to home in on some possible ideas for my project.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 6.16.38 pm

I decided that it would be easiest to first write a list of things that I wanted my digital artefact to include, or be based around. This meant that I would have most of my key ideas on the page as opposed to taking up space in my already crowded mind, and restricting me from coming up with any ‘new’ ideas.

  1. I have always been interested in the basic foundation of communication in itself – why people communicate, how people communicate, when people communicate, etc. It is this concept that fuelled my desire for a ‘somewhat collaborative component’ or ‘possibility for future collaboration‘ within my digital artefact (I had these statements scrawled throughout multiple pages of my notebook).
  2. I had previously had a quick look at Travis’ ‘Project Starter‘ webpage, which is a digital artefact in itself. However, it wasn’t until after my first tutorial with Travis himself that I really started to put it into action. I wrote a list of my interests and then subsequently wrote problems that I could identify within those current industries or topic areas. With both this and the point above in mind, I settled with basing my artefact ideas around ‘People in general’, ‘Music’, and ‘Current Affairs’.
  3. For some reason, the repetition of Marshall McLuhan’s paradoxical statement “The Medium is the Message” – or ‘massage’ rather, stuck with me throughout this process. Despite the fact that the basis for my entire artefact would be around this seemingly non-sensical idea, McLuhan did have a point (but I’ll talk more about that next week). This led to my desire for a ‘multi-modal’ based approach to my artefact, which if all goes to plan, will allow me to link multiple forms of technology and media within my project.

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 6.48.10 pmAnd so, following this quite intense brain storm session, I managed to draw three abstract ideas from thin air. Keep in mind, these ideas may seem extremely farfetched and will definitely be further refined. There are also definite detriments directly surrounding the possibility of producing such artefacts, especially within such a short period of time, however, this is something that I will address in a future blog post.

  1. OPEN ROOM: A blog, acting as collaborative space for the aggregation of both non-fiction and fiction work from authors and creators based in various locations. The idea behind this was that an ‘Open
    Room’ provides the ability for people to move in and out of it freely, with no limitations.
  2. SOUNDS OF THE PEOPLE: A podcast/web series, accompanied by a blog housing ‘reading material’ related to each episode. The series would aim to discuss different major news stories, or controversies each episode. Pulling a variety of sources from both online and physical mediums, as well as including discussion with other students as well as members of the public.
  3. SOUNDS OF THE CITY: A music aggregation website/blog, bring together album reviews, current news from within the industry, playlist creation, and event updates/reviews. The platform would also allow for the submission of recommendations from outsiders in a section yet to be titled – maybe ‘Sounds of Your City’, allowing local acts to be featured online.

Annnnnddd, that is about where I became creatively drained and resumed my listening of Serial.

So I’ll leave you with this, shed some insight, leave a comment.




2 thoughts on ““Stop, Collaborate, and Listen”

  1. Wow! These are such great ideas, i congratulate you on coming up with something that sounds so promising, so soon! i particularly liked your idea for the ‘Sounds of the City’ website, as it seems to me, to be something that could gain a lot of popularity, specifically with our age group. A suggestion I would give would be a sort of ‘advertisement’ for local artists/musicians (much like you suggested) who are playing for local pubs/restaurants etc. You could potentially create a website that could help budding young artists to get their name and music out there. Otherwise, fantastic start!

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    • Thanks so much! Yeah, ‘Sounds of the City’ is definitely the one that I’m investing most of my time into at the moment. With #FEFO strongly in mind, I’m moving ahead into the unknown and starting to create a working prototype. Thanks for your suggestion, the whole ‘local content aggregation’ idea is definitely one that’s pivotal to my design model.

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