If You’re Reading This It’s A Meme

Drake has released a new album. Wait, no, it’s a playlist.
Whatever it is, Drake is the perfect example of a musician, whose craft has frequently been altered in order to suit the demanding nature of the digital world.

It's A Meme Gif
From single, to EP, to LP, to mixtape, to rap dependent album, to dance classic album, and now playlist, the ‘Drizzy’ empire has continued to grow due to its ability to provide its audience with regular content – in the form of relevant and innovative mediums. It is clear that the way in which people will interact with his music is at the forefront of Drake’s decision-making process; in the sense that a playlist is a collection of songs by various artists, generally created and shared in an online format – it markets itself.

Despite his latest release “More Life” featuring self-generated content, the ‘playlist’ claim still may not be so ambiguous. Drake has crafted an album that reflects his own current stylistic tastes, utilising the ‘playlist’ medium as merely a foundation within the unique digital landscape that surrounds the music industry.

Check out the album below.



2 thoughts on “If You’re Reading This It’s A Meme

  1. Hey, i have really enjoyed reading your post, This seems so interesting and ive never thought of playlists like that. I am a person who listens to a lot of music and makes my own playlists, have you ever thought about how each artist makes their own playlist whenever they produce their own music? whether it be an EP, LP , Album or something else they produce.

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    • Hey Daniel,
      Thank you so much for your comment! I myself also listen to a lot of music; it’s weird to think about playlists on anything level but personal. However, I’ve definitely looked into an artist’s own playlist while they are creating new music; it’s quite a major component! Again, thanks for your comment.


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