One To Many, or One Too Many?

Within the current media landscape a clear shift between monologic media structures (one to many – a ‘hub’ sharing information directly to an audience) to dialogic media structures (many to many – interconnected channels of communication, sharing information with one another) is evident. The internet has been the dominant force behind this movement and in most circumstances, people see the trajectory of this convergence as purely beneficial.

However, not everyone agrees with this. In recent times, President Donald Trump has labelled a variety of seemingly reputable news sources as ‘Fake News‘, and in some instances directed these labels towards individuals – namely Jim Acosta of CNN. In Trump’s eyes, despite having stated he “…can handle a bad story better than anybody, as long as it’s true”; anything that is presented from a media perspective – be that a large media outlet or an individual on the internet, that doesn’t suit his agenda, is simply untrue.

This raises the question, ‘has movement away from the monologic one to many media structure led to an influx of one too many opinions?’. Donald Trump seems to think so.









11 thoughts on “One To Many, or One Too Many?

  1. Hi Nate,
    I am very impressed by the title of your blog post “One To Many, or One Too Many”. This interesting title makes me curious and leads me to your post.
    Overall, your blog post is concise and evident, especially when you add the examples of Donald Trump and his fake news into your post. I like the way you go into how trajectory of media convergence is not purely beneficial.
    Another plus point of your post is four pictures of Trump’s tweets at the end of your post to illustrate your theory and concept.
    I recommend you to watch this video about how Donald Trump called CNN as “fake news”. I think it is interesting and relevant to your work on “fake news”:


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    • Hey Jessie,
      Thanks for your comment! I do pride myself in coming up with good titles for my blog posts – I think it’s possibly the most important part haha. I’ll definitely check the video that you linked out, thanks again for your comment.

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  2. I really loved your blog post title, it is what enticed me to read it. Really well written, I liked how you used such a current topic that is occurring in the news at the moment. Not only did it help me understand the dispute behind the ‘Fake News’ headlines, but it really tied well with the ideology of how certain mediums can speak to volumes.
    The use of social media in this instance, Twitter, really shows us as an audience how powerful a platform can be and how it can reach so many people in the space of 30 seconds. Your use of photo’s of Trump’s tweets is powerful in itself as your title suggests one post to many people or one post more than necessary. Very smart and great read.

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    • Hey Cody,
      Thanks so much for your comment! I’m really happy that this helped clear up what the ‘Fake News’ headlines are all about for you. Twitter is such a powerful medium – just a little disclaimer, I made those tweets in photoshop, Donald didn’t actually tweet them haha ;). Thanks again for your comment.


  3. Hey Nate,
    Gunna jump on the bandwagon and say how great your blogpost title is ! definitely persuaded me to read your post over others ! I agree when you say it’s possibly the most important part of the entire post !
    Your simple, yet intriguing explanation of monologic vs dialogic media has made the concept extremely easy to understand. The examination of such a current topic also allows for an easy understanding and relevance to todays media culture. I, along with Cody, don’t follow trump on any social media, and you have therefore opened my eyes to what some would describe as his idiocy.
    Good work 🙂

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  4. Hey Nate,
    Your posts are awesome they’re really engaging and your blog titles are great at drawing in the audience. I like your style and content, your ideas are well explained and thought out which enables your blog be read fluidly making it enjoyable to read. You’ve got a really effective use if links to provide another dimension to your blog that bring forward information that interests me further with your topics and ideas, You voice heard throughout your writing provides an entertaining and engaging way that kept me interested to read further. Great stuff!

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  5. Hey Nate, nice post, I like the play on words in the title! I think Trump would love to return to a monologic media structure, because then no one would be able to question him or tell him he is wrong. That would be dangerous haha. I found this article thats talks about how Trump is guilty of spreading fake news himself: from my point of view, we couldn’t have enough opinions.

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  6. Hi Nate,
    I really enjoyed reading this blog post! The title ‘One to many, or one too many’, it is a really enticing title that would attract readers. The piece is really fluid and easy to read. I like how you incorporated twitter in explaining your example! made the topic really easy to understand and allows the audience to be able to comprehend what you are trying to say easier.
    – Ash 🙂

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