“A Trump Sympathiser? Me? No!”

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Many people seem pretty shocked by the creation of content like this, regarding Hilary Clinton. However, despite emphasising facets of her campaign that weren’t necessarily such major issues, everything is based on facts.

Therefore, it’s not the actual information (or rather an event) that is causing this shock to the audience, but rather the frame in which it is being presented.

With the ongoing comparison of President Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler, would finding a common ground with him be seen as the equivalent of being a Nazi sympathiser.

Am I a ‘Trump Sympathiser’?

I don’t think I am. But I can’t help but bring to light the frame/s in which Trump has been presented across both his campaign and now within his role as leader of the free world. Most of the information that has been presented to the world surrounding Trump isn’t necessarily that bad, it’s the preconditioned view of these actions that ultimately make them appear bad – Trump could come out tomorrow and claim he saved 60 people from drowning with his bare hands, but this would still be talked down significantly, ‘what about that 61st person?’.

It raises the question; if Trump was ‘framed’ in a more optimistic way from the get go, would he seem more successful in his role as President now?



2 thoughts on ““A Trump Sympathiser? Me? No!”

  1. I liked this blog post about how certain things are framed. It was to the point with some good ideas. I do see a lot of Trump news as negative and it does make me question the media a lot. For a lot of people the media is their only source to understand issues. I actually think your question of if Trump was possibly framed differently and as you said more ‘optimistically’ if people might have altering opinions? I don’t know but it’s interesting and I think that is a valid question and I often ask that.

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