Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Ctrl Me

Within the internet era, everything has become a copy of a copy of a copy.

The fashion industry, in particular, is one that is greatly impacted by the continual publication of an individual’s creations online. As within any creative industry, inspiration is vital to the overall development of ideas and products. As such, many turn to the internet in search of what may be ‘the next big thing’.

In recent times, one of the most notable cases of copyright infringement within this sphere is that regarding fashion elite Jeremy Scott and the fashion house Moschino. The world renowned fashion designer was sued for a breach of copyright regarding the placement of artist Joseph Tierney‘s work on products featured in their Autumn/Winter 2015 range. However, it is the circumstances surrounding this so called ‘work’ that questioned the lengths to which copyright held control. Tierney is well known for his creation of street art or graffiti, of which Scott used as a defence for his actions – if it’s illegal for Tierney’s work to be published, as such, then it shouldn’t be illegal for Scott to use in a legal manner. The case has since been settled, with both parties filing for dismissal.

Similarly, the lengths of copyright’s control were once again contested earlier this year when Melania Trump was accused of presenting a speech that was almost identical to one of which was presented by Michelle Obama in 2008 – although after much media coverage, the speech writer formally apologised and offered their resignation.

And so I thought, if I was to record myself reading the above blog post, and then post it online, am I breaching my own copyright? Can my own intellectual property be stolen by, well, me? In today’s confusingly replicative, online society, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Also note that the above track is licensed under a ‘Creative Commons License – Some Rights Reserved’, meaning anyone can download and/or remix what I have said.



3 thoughts on “Ctrl C, Ctrl V, Ctrl Me

  1. This inception-like recording really confused me aha! Good idea though! I like how you looked into other examples aside form jus the replication of online material! That fashion example i a good one, and sounds super complex, although intriguing I wouldn’t have minded if you had linked more sources so I could gain context on the full storyt! Also, good research, I didn’t know Melania Trump’s speech writed had resigned after that run in with the Copyright Law! To be honest, it’s so hard to avoid the whole Copyright thing nowadays, as the production of material is constant and surely our ideas and creations will be similar or the same eventually! Anyways, enough of the brain strain, good post, super informative and engaging!

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  2. Hi Nate! From the get go, your post was definitely engaging. Every single point you rasied was well researched and related to copyright breaching very well! I especially liked the point about copyright in the Fashion Industry as it has happened so often. Many clothing retailers have been caught duplicating other’s designs as their own. In fact, the Spanish clothing retailer that we know as Zara, has been accused of ripping off designs by artists and designers many times, here is an article detailing how Zara ripped off pins and patch designs from LA artist, Tuesday Bassen, which you can read all about here: http://www.dazeddigital.com/fashion/article/32145/1/zara-accused-of-ripping-off-la-indie-designer. An amazing post and I liked your point at the end where you questioned if reading your own work aloud would breach your own copyright.

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  3. Incredible take on this topic! When people think copyright they think music, movies etc. not the fashion industry so it is interesting to learn about that side of it. Interesting point about copyright on your own works, copyright is a lot more intricate than a lot of people believe. I found this very helpful when I looked into fashion copyright https://fashionista.com/2016/12/fashion-law-patent-copyright-trademark. Thank you for opening my eyes to copyright in the fashion industry.

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