Transylvanian Transmedia

Cult films are one of the most emphatic representations of transmedia at work.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show has managed to maintain a constant level of popularity since it’s inception as a stage musical in 1973. This is largely to do with the fact that the initial product has been turned into somewhat of a ‘transmedia franchise’ through the release of countless follow-up products. These products offer a multitude of entry points for old and new fans to interact with the original story and become part of the ‘Rocky Horror world’.giphy

The 1975 creation of the ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ provides the basis for the overall ‘fandom’, however, has evolved greatly since its initial presentation. Audience participation at screenings across the world, in which fans throw props at the screen, dance, sing, and even recite lines back at to the characters of the film, has become something of a norm.
However, the overall continued success of the ‘Rocky Horror world’ can be put down to the efforts of its fans; who’re responsible for the creation of further media products such as:

The creation of multiple points of entry for a prospective audience to join the Rocky Movement has allowed increased success of the concept as a franchise as opposed to just a single film or stage play; so much so that many fan-study academics have utilised The Rocky Horror Picture Show as the foundation for their research.



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