Social Media: A place to express yourself, or not.

Gone are the days of Myspace.
Yes, you heard right, Myspace.
You know, that social media platform that began all social media platforms?
It’s gone.
And in its place, Facebook.
I’m sure I don’t have to say that one again.

These platforms, although not physical devices, represent the ways in which companies can lock you in – that is, restricting you and your actions in association with their product.

The freedom provided by generative platforms (such as the Android operating system/s) is something that is (was) extremely evident within the functionality of Myspace. The open-sourced nature of the site allowed for a more expressive type of persona to be presented. Although Facebook currently allows for the personalisation of an individual’s account through things such as profile pictures and cover photos, there really isn’t as much the opportunity to wholly express oneself.

It’s not just Facebook though. Most forms of modern social media platforms are reasonably restrictive on the control over one’s account any given individual is provided. While, seemingly simultaneously, companies continue to expand the boundaries of their privacy policies (such as Twitter’s latest change to the policy; with users accepting by clicking a ‘sounds good’ button), opening up their user’s data to a broader variety of third parties.

In many ways, if someone was to open Myspace in front of me today, I’d give them a similar reaction to if they were to open Internet Explorer. (God forbid they open Myspace on Internet Explorer)




One thought on “Social Media: A place to express yourself, or not.

  1. Hey Nate! I thought this blog post was really great as your writing style was quite different and it really added character to your work. I also enjoyed the fact that you hyperlinked some links into your post incase some people (idk who unless they’ve been living under a rock) didn’t know what those social media platforms or the privacy policies were. I also liked how you got straight to the point and included the very funny Chloe Disneyland meme! Honestly can’t think of any way to improve this! Well done!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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