You See What I Want You To See

In recent times, a rise in popularity of the online video styling ‘vlogging‘ has occurred. The style features video-based blogs, as such, that are posted daily, or multiple times a week by creators; usually following the ongoings of their lives. These creators predominantly exist within the video sharing network of YouTube and are hence referred to as ‘Youtubers’.

YouTubers, and more particularly vlogging YouTubers (vloggers), are emphatic representations of how an individual’s online persona can differ from their persona in reality. Given the fluidity that their platform provides them when creating their overall product – video allows for certain events to be cut and tailored, vloggers are ultimately able to conjure scenarios in any way they wish.

In many ways, these malleable online personas can be attributed to the technology that is utilised by their owners – video. With the ability to film whatever you like, as well as edit and include pieces that you see fit, video is one of the most versatile technological devices utilised in creating an online persona.

Below is a short video I created in under 30 minutes titled ‘Surviving Uni’. The video features a fellow student answering two questions relating to student life at UOW. However, both answers are positive – even though there is room for negative aspects to be drawn in. The generally positive video provides an online persona of not only the student represented but also the video producer (myself).



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